Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera Are MVP’s


Congrats to the Giants’ Buster Posey and the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera on winning their respective league’s MVP awards. Posey was the obvious choice. I would not have been disappointed with Trout winning, but we can’t discount the first Triple Crown in 47 years. … Continue reading

Buster Posey Out for Season?

Buster Posey sustained a broken leg after getting slammed trying to prevent a run at home plate. Now MLB GM’s are talking about changing the rules. Why now? To protect the catchers? Please. I think the real reason is to protect their investment.

A star catcher like Posey can potentially earn a club millions upon millions. What a great return on investment. As a fan of the game, the business of baseball has always bothered me. However, changing the game to ensure the security of an asset, rather than the actual person, well is simply disturbing. Fans enjoy seeing a catcher protect the plate. A run is a run. But at what cost? I think most fans would agree, a hit like the one administered to Posey has no place in the game.

I understand where the GM’s come from when witnessing a player under contract go down. Fans go to the ballpark to see these players. They buy the jerseys, and the souvenirs. I understand the money aspect. However, what about the player’s career? Pete Rose ended a catcher’s career during an All-Star game. An All-Star game! Posey’s season my be done. His career, at the very least, may be irreversibly altered. Posey worked his entire life to achieve a career in the Majors. Was that one run, in a game in late May worth a career? No. It wasn’t.

I hope for Posey’s sake this is just a broken leg that will heal. I hope for the game’s sake this is just a broken leg that will heal. Should there be changes to the game because of this? I say yes. A broken leg is one thing. What if Posey sustained a concussion or worse? Football is faced with the repercussions of head injuries all the time. Catchers have no protection from a player running full steam from third base. The argument that this is how the game has always been played holds no water. Just because something has always been doesn’t mean it was always right.

Good luck Buster.

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