Baseball: The Beautiful Game

Around the globe, soccer, better known as football, is considered the beautiful game. I posit this, baseball is the true beautiful game. Normally I would like to support my argument with multiple examples. Except I have only one for this first installment of this new series:  Baseball: The Beautiful Game. This past Monday, the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels squared off. If you, like me, measure the beauty of the game in dramatic value, this game was Shakespearean for sure.

The game included tragedy: Jered Weaver’s early exit from the game due to injury. The Angel’s collective anxiety over his loss.

The plot that is characteristic of every baseball game: the ultimate test of run scoring and the constant strategy used by the teams in the ultimate duel.

Finally, the excitement of blown leads and the walk-off home run to end the tie and attain victory. All the while, the despair of defeat.  Oh the agony.

Baseball is a drama played night in and night out. The players as characters, change. The game, the plot, remains the same. The beauty is the joy we get, regardless of winners and losers, watching these contests. I say baseball is the beautiful game.

Disclaimer: As I post this, please be aware, in my attempt to create my argument there was nothing beautiful about my beloved Yankees losing.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think! Stay tuned for future installments of Baseball: The Beautiful Game.