Baseball the Beautiful Game: The Triple Crown

English: Miguel Cabrera at Dodger Stadium.

English: Miguel Cabrera at Dodger Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In recent years, the news surrounding baseball strays to easily from the actual game. Terms like performance enhancing drugs, grand jury, and perjury flooded the world of baseball. As a fan and baseball blogger, I find this tragic. Which is why I take pleasure in discussing an aspect of the beautiful game and its history that hasn’t seen the spotlight for a while: The Triple Crown.


Carl Yastrzemski, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, Nap Lajoie, Mickey Mantle, are just a few names associated with the Triple Crown, (see a complete list here). Yastrzemski was the last to win the crown in 1967. If you were around to see this, lucky you. Winning the crown is one of the rare feats in baseball. Going back to 1878, only 14 players have one the crown, with Jimmie Foxx, Rogers Hornsby, and Ted Williams each winning twice. The art of hitting is rarely mastered, to achieve the highest batting average, most home runs, and most runs-batted-in for one season, is truly a spectacle.

Miguel Cabrera

The Tigers Miguel Cabrera is currently batting .327, with 42 HRs, and 133 RBI. To know there is a player, in either league, this close to achieving the crown is exciting. This is good for Cabrera. This is good for the Tigers. This is good for baseball. Most importantly, this is good for baseball fans.

The true beauty of baseball is the rich history of on-field accomplishments. I hope Cabrera wins the crown. If we look at when Yastrzemski last won in 1967 and the rarity of the accomplishment, it truly is a once in a lifetime event for the baseball fan. This is baseball history in the making.

Good luck Miguel Cabrera, and thanks for the show.