San Francisco Giants: World Series Champions

A quick congrats to the San Francisco Giants. An improbable run that lead to the their second World Series title in three years. What I didn’t expect was a sweep. Until next season Detroit.


Buster Posey Out for Season?

Buster Posey sustained a broken leg after getting slammed trying to prevent a run at home plate. Now MLB GM’s are talking about changing the rules. Why now? To protect the catchers? Please. I think the real reason is to protect their investment.

A star catcher like Posey can potentially earn a club millions upon millions. What a great return on investment. As a fan of the game, the business of baseball has always bothered me. However, changing the game to ensure the security of an asset, rather than the actual person, well is simply disturbing. Fans enjoy seeing a catcher protect the plate. A run is a run. But at what cost? I think most fans would agree, a hit like the one administered to Posey has no place in the game.

I understand where the GM’s come from when witnessing a player under contract go down. Fans go to the ballpark to see these players. They buy the jerseys, and the souvenirs. I understand the money aspect. However, what about the player’s career? Pete Rose ended a catcher’s career during an All-Star game. An All-Star game! Posey’s season my be done. His career, at the very least, may be irreversibly altered. Posey worked his entire life to achieve a career in the Majors. Was that one run, in a game in late May worth a career? No. It wasn’t.

I hope for Posey’s sake this is just a broken leg that will heal. I hope for the game’s sake this is just a broken leg that will heal. Should there be changes to the game because of this? I say yes. A broken leg is one thing. What if Posey sustained a concussion or worse? Football is faced with the repercussions of head injuries all the time. Catchers have no protection from a player running full steam from third base. The argument that this is how the game has always been played holds no water. Just because something has always been doesn’t mean it was always right.

Good luck Buster.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

Is Interleague Play Really That Entertaining?

This is the 15th year of Interleague Play. Outside of New York, Chicago, and possibly San Francisco and Oakland, are the matchups truly entertaining? The rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets always attracts a large following. Billed as the “Subway Series,” New Yorker’s look forward to the competition. The Cubs and White Sox may not have the most storied rivalry, but the competition is fierce.

Oakland and San Francisco are across the Bay from each other. The bragging rights are obvious. This season in particular with the Giants being the defending Champs. Overall, I think Interleague play has lost its luster. For example, the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates? Texas and Philadelphia? Seattle and San Diego? Minnesota and Arizona? Not interested. I’m sorry.

I will give credit to the Cincinnati and Cleveland series. This is only due to the Indians dominating the AL Central and the Reds are in the hunt for the NL.  I get Tampa Bay and Florida. However, the Rays seem to generate more interest from other AL East cities than Tampa Bay itself.

Washington and Baltimore draws my interest more simply due to geography. However, neither team brings charisma to the field or a winning record.

The Cubs and the Red Sox. Except for these being two of the oldest franchises and the Cubs ongoing quest for a World Series title, there is no significant interest for me. Although I do like the vintage uniforms in Fenway.

I would suspect I may feel differently if some teams were in tighter races. If there was more on the line. Unfortunately, at this time I can’t provide any good alternatives. I guess Interleague will have to stay.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

The Dodgers and the Giants Rivalry

In sports there are many rivalries. In baseball there are the Yankees and the Red Sox; the Cubs and the White Sox. Recently, the rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers is in the spotlight. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Bryan Stow, a long-time Giants fan, was severely beaten in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium on March 31st. I cannot state how atrocious this evil, degrading act of violence is.

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The Giants Will Fall.

If there was ever a “sleeper” team to win a championship, I think the San Francisco Giants of 2010 were it. However, with a new year comes a new season and I do not believe the Giants will win the division let alone repeat.

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Donny Baseball Takes over the Dodgers

Growing up in New York’s Hudson Valley, I became a Yankee fan from birth. My favorite player then, and now, was Don Mattingly. I got to see Donny Baseball a few times. When Mattingly stepped up to the plate, the Stadium became electric. Tens of thousands of fans chanting in unison, Don-ny-base-ball. Like many fans, I was sad to see him retire. Especially since a year later the Yank’s most recent string of championships began. However, Mattingly now has a new opportunity to achieve what he was unable to do in Pinstripes. Except he’s on a different coast.

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The World Series

Prior to the start of the playoffs I picked a repeat of last  year’s World Series. I was wrong. Not only did the powerhouse Yankees collapse to the Rangers, but so did the Phillies. So, kudos to both the Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. I think this World Series will be an entertaining one.

I also believe this is good for the game of baseball. A New York-Philadelphia World Series would have been exciting, however baseball needs to see different teams compete. Unfortunately, you either love or hate the Yankees. It would seem if the Yankees are in the Series, a good portion of the country changes the channel. Having two smaller market teams play will keep casual fans tuned in, I think. Others will say the big name players are not there. I disagree. If Josh Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero, and Tim Lincecum are not big names in baseball, then I would like to know what criteria is used to determine this. Oh yeah, there is a guy with a beard who plays for San Francisco that half of the country hasn’t heard of  yet.

Either way, let us as fans sit back and enjoy the show.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!