Albert Pujols Joins the Angels

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Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim today for $254 million. This is good and bad for the Angels. Good for the Cardinals and bad news for the rest of the American League. Pujols is probably the best active player in baseball. He is the epitome of his nickname, “The Machine.” The Angels meant business and in one afternoon became the favorites to win the American League.

The Good for the Angels

In the short-term, say the next three seasons, the Pujols signing will pay dividends for the Angels. Pujols is one of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history. A career .328 hitter, Pujols is literally a turbo boost for the Angels lineup. Three MVPs, two Gold Gloves, and post-season experience (including two World Series titles in 2006 and 2011) come along with 445 HRs. Barring injury, he is the best bet to legitimately surpass Hank Aaron. Secondly, going to the AL is a smart move for Albert’s longevity. He doesn’t need to play first base everyday. Simply DH.

The Bad for the Angels

Pujols is 31. Unlike a machine, he will begin to slow down. Skills deteriorate with age. Father Time will catch up. Even if he only plays DH. The business of baseball today clearly favors the players. The 10-year contract can hinder the Angels ability to acquire talent later on. That will hurt current players chances of winning championships long-term. Time will tell.

The Good for the Cardinals

Where Pujols’ long-term contract may hinder payroll for the Angels, the Cardinals have money to spend. The Cardinals will remain a strong, competitive team in the National League. Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman, and Chris Carpenter….enough said.

The Bad for the American League

Unless you are an Angel, Albert Pujols doesn’t play for your team.

Let’s not forget the Angels signed C.J. Wilson who will join Jered Weaver in the rotation. The rest of baseball take note, the Angels just showed you how to conduct business. The question remains is it sustainable? Time will tell.




2 thoughts on “Albert Pujols Joins the Angels

  1. The Yankees often get criticized for trying to buy pennants. Now, I’m not a Yankee fan, but it strikes me as interesting when other teams, like the Angels are now doing, literally try to buy a pennant, they do not generally receive the same criticism. They are simply called aggressive. Not sure why there is such a double-standard.
    Again, I don’t like the Yanks, but fair is fair.
    Nice post, Bill

    • I’m a Yankee fan so it’s nice to hear your comments. Do I agree with athletes in any sport getting paid like this? No. However, baseball is a business and the best talent will go to the highest bidder. I’ve never understand the deep dislike for the Yankees. There is true hatred of the organization. The argument the Yankees buy pennants really doesn’t hold water. The Red Sox have done the same thing. The 1997 Marlins, etc. Not to mention the Yanks don’t win every year. The Angels conducted smart baseball business, for the short-term.

      Thanks for the response and the good words.


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