Bobby Valentine: Yankee Hater

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Bobby Valentine stated he hates the New York Yankees. Really Bobby? Valentine is famous for his unique personality. I think his hiring as Red Sox manager is a good move for that organization. Of course time will tell how the team performs. For a manager to comment he hates another team is just not necessary.

Valentine’s comments are nothing more than a marketing tool. He knew what he said . Does it spice up the rivalry? Maybe for Boston fans. Yankee fans probably don’t care all that much. I’m only posting about it because I think it speaks to a larger cultural issue. We like fluff. Bobby’s comments are fluff and contain no substance. This doesn’t add to the rivalry. Managers and players should channel their ill-feelings of opposing teams when playing. Leave it out of the press. This is just one more example of our cultural preference, and not just with sport, rewarding sensationalism over substance.

If Valentine really wanted to motivate his players and the Red Sox Nation, say you are going to play the Yanks harder than ever before and leave it there. Hate? Really? I don’t agree with the use of the word when it comes to competition. Call me overly politically correct. Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion, if so, I apologize. This week of all weeks in baseball, comments such as these are mere moves for attention.

Fans, let’s focus on where Pujols will finally end up. Let’s keep our eyes on Miami as they are holding nothing back with their moves. Prince Fielder anyone? Who heard Jose Reyes comment the Mets didn’t offer him anything? These are far more significant stories in baseball.


6 thoughts on “Bobby Valentine: Yankee Hater

  1. Bobby V. is what he is. I don’t see him lasting long in Boston, three years tops. Smart guy who’ll spice up the media for a while, but guys like him don’t tend to run franchises for years and years.
    Should be interesting, though.

  2. Bobby V is hilarious. I’m a fan of the hilarity. He’s not serious. Watch him. There’s laughter. Of course it’s a marketing tool! But it’s effective.
    He’s not trying to motivate his players. He’s trying to motivate the media. You know. Get them to talk about SOMETHING other than Soxsplosion, 2011. I’m a fan of media distractions.

    • The BoSox don’t need a media distraction. They need to focus on 2012. No matter what Bobby V tries with the media, the Red Sox implosion will be a reference point. Just like the Yankee collapse of 2004.

      Thanks for the response.

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